Les Paul

The Man

There are perhaps few other names that can evoke music history quite as much as Les Paul. He started his career as a guitarist playing with the likes of the Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby & Nat King Cole. From the mid 40s to the early 60s Les Paul performed with wife at the time Mary Ford. The duo would go on to release multiple hit records. Here is Les Paul & Mary Ford performing "There's No Place Like Home".

The Myth

Les Paul wasn't limited to the artistic side of music, he also made many technical innovations. Paul is creddited with creating phase shifting, the delay effect, the flange effect & mulit-track recording. Now a days it's unimaginable to not have these techniques at your disposal in a recording studio.

The Legend

When refering to a musician as an "all-rounder" it's usually in regards to performing abilities. Not only did Les Paul play the guitar, he was also a master luthier. We wouldn't have the solid body electric guitar as we know it without him. While having created may guitars over his lifetime none has reached the level of the Gibson Les Paul. Even if you don't play guitar you probably recognize the signature single cut, carved top body.

Les Paul passed away in 2009, but there is no doubt that his legacy will live on through his contribution to the music world.