Clarke Kwangwari

Born in Miami, FL, 1988
Lives and works in Miami, FL

2010 — Miami Dade College, AS in Film Production, Miami, FL

2023 — Capture Coral Gables, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL

Ranging from cityscapes and machinery to documentary and portraiture, my work centers around one thing. Humanity. I give a view of people and their remnants in hopes of displaying the beauty of everyday life. Being from Miami, a lot of my photos show a deeper side to Miami. I dig past the superficial facade and embrace the unseen. My work is a reflection of my life and serves as a photo journal of sorts. As I continue to delve deeper into counter-culture scenes like metal music or skateboarding, new perspectives constantly form around me.

My beginnings in the photographic arts began in high school and continued through college when I was studying filmmaking. In 2011 out of necessity I had to buy a DSLR camera to replace my video camera after it was stolen. My usage was strictly for video and I would only use it as a still photography camera for purely utilitarian needs. It wasn’t until mid-2022 that I would take up photography as a serious endeavor. Building on top of this new found love of photography I’ve also been thrust into the world of analog photography. I feel film strengthens my pursuit by forcing me to commit to an image and build my skills of perception and anticipation.

Creating art isn’t the sole draw to photography for me. It’s the therapeutic feeling every time I press the shutter button and the relationships I’ve fostered that build stronger every day. Photography has taken me to places that I never expected to go and has propelled me to live a much more fulfilling life and hopefully leave a mark on other people’s lives.